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The Ewing Arts Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month unless otherwise indicated. (no meeting in August). All meetings start at 7:00 pm at the Hollowbrook Community Center. We are currently meeting only in person.

Marissa Bosley April’s Featured Artist

Opening Reception April 17, 2024 6-7:30pm

Ewing artist, Marissa Bosley, has had a love for art as long as she can remember. She started off with just an interest in drawing, “I never really loved painting. I could never get it to look the way I wanted it to,” Marissa recalls. It wasn’t until she was enrolled in the art program at Mercer County Community College that she gained the control over paint as a medium. Her professor would encourage her to push her boundaries. His support helped her grow as an artist. Oil paint is now her preferred medium. Marissa would like to display her work in a museum in the future.

April’s Featured Artist Chandini Powar 

On Display Now

Chandini was born in Mysore, India, a royal city famous for art and culture. The city is studded with palaces and temples, and resplendent with scenic splendor. Under its benevolent rule, Mysore became the cradle of fine art, music and dance in India. It was within this environment that Chandini began her journey of self expression. She began painting at a very young age and studied under some of the well known artists of India. Her confidence, style and imagination in painting became increasingly sought after and were highly acclaimed for their originality and depth. She graduated with degrees in Ancient History, Painting and Classical Dance from Mysore University. Chandini traveled extensively and exhibited in a number of countries before moving to New York to continue her artist evolution and refinements.

To date, Chandini’s works have garnished a number of awards, and she is recognized as making important contributions to the changing dynamic of the visual world. Her works are housed in important collections globally. She continues to produce diverse and significant pieces which have universal embrace. Her solo exhibitions of paintings routinely attract accolades for their often intense use of colors and images which never fail to stir emotions. 

Ms. Powar says of her work, “My work portrays pure aesthetics, a sense of presence and completion without having an explanation. Thereby, it is meant to communicate deeper insights into all the enchantments and the mysteries that exist in the broken walls, crumbling plaster, empty house, fearfully lonely existence of many human lives. The arrangements are systematic, inviting the viewer to move into a space of speculation of the beauty, poetry and seduction. Art is a fundamental need, a need that defines human lives and their contributions in the time and space of the universe.”
You can more of her work at

January’s Featured Artist Karl J Clark 

Opening Reception January 4, 2024 6-8pm

Karl was a lifelong resident of Trenton, New Jersey, and graduated from  Trenton Central High School (TCHS). It was here that a course in photography piqued his interest in this art form. You could see him nearly each day transiting school halls with his camera snapping classmates and teachers. Many of Karl’s school photographs were included in his class’s yearbook, The Boba Shela.  

Upon graduation, Karl joined the United States Navy and served the better of  12 years in Japan. He retired after 20 years of service and returned to Mercer  County, New Jersey, residing in Ewing Township. 

Although photography wasn’t in the forefront of Karl’s interest while serving,  the interest in photographic art was there waiting for a rebirth. That rebirth  returned as an employee of Educational Testing Service (ETS). That interest  in this art form took hold again and blossomed. Karl held his first impromptu  exhibit in 2016 at the ETS Ewing office during the Advanced Placement (AP)  administrations, which highlighted various AP Art subject tests that year.

The exhibit was well received by everyone. It rekindled his passion. 

Karl truly enjoys photographing New Jersey’s beautiful state parks and old buildings. He photographed a vast number of models for various fashion  events: Atlantic City Fashion, Philadelphia Couture Fashion, Capital City  Fashion, & other events. Also, he was published in Everyday Melanin Magazine. He is the owner of KJCImages & Photography, (link: located in Lawrence, NJ.

Karl says often, “I want the person who views my images to envision being  immersed in the scene, have the illusion of being in the scene themselves,  and interpret or see differently what others may interpret. I believe black & white images express true honesty; that images of nature reflect God’s gift;  and portraits tell stories of humanity with interactions between people and  man-made structures. Photography captures a moment in time. Yet it could  provide a lifetime of memories. Ask yourself, what do you see?” 

To see more of his work, follow him on instagram @kjcimages_n_photography or via email:

Let’s take a chance to share what love means to us. Good or bad, had or have, lost or found. Love is a great connector. It can be romantic, platonic and unconditional. We have the capacity to love so many things: our friends, our family, our pets, colors, flowers, cars, traveling, playing. It isn’t just one thing, it is everywhere. 

The EAC is looking for love in all places. If you have a work of art, a song, a poem, a short story whatever it is, submit it! With so much division going on right now wouldn’t it be nice to share some positive vibes?

During the month of February we will display the work at the Ewing Municipal building. On February 6, 2023 we invite you to come and celebrate love at the opening reception.

More details can be found on our website, on facebook, and instagram. Please complete the google form to submit your piece. This show is open to anyone who is willing and able to submit. 

If it’s artwork make sure it has a wire on the back, if it is a written piece, email it and we will print out & hang it up. Or you can give it to us ready to hang. Come to the opening on February 6th & read it out loud, sing about it or tell a story about it. All forms of creative expression are welcome, from all local communities. Entries will be accepted until January 20th. Questions can be sent to



About Ewing’s Featured Artist Program

The Ewing Arts Commission and the Art Has No Boundaries organization partnered to showcase Ewing Township artists at Ewing Town Hall in 2016. Establishing a monthly display of local art work, the art installation features two to three dimensional art on the second floor of the Municipal building. Participating artists are affiliated with the Ewing Arts Commission, a municipal body that seeks to promote the arts in our community, and the Art Has No Boundaries organization, a group that provides art programming at the Ewing Senior Community Center.  
Local artists interested in having their art showcased at Town Hall should contact the Ewing Arts Commission at

Virtual Artist Talks

In April of 2021 we hosted our first virtual featured artist event with print-maker and Ewing Native, Amanda Thackray. This past November we hosted our second virtual artist event with Ewing sculptor, Jim Hendricks. The third of the installment of the series with folk and silhouette artist, Beverly Keese-Kelley was broadcast on February 24, 2022. In May of 2022, the EAC hosted The Arc Mercer visual artists & the Central Jersey Performing Arts Academy at the Municipal building. All these talks can be seen on our YouTube channel. Please subscribe to our channel & watch live, or view the videos at your convince at a later time.

Student Art Exhibit

We are hopeful for the return of the K-12 Student Art Exhibition in 2023.

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The Ewing Arts Commission is an appointed municipal body constituted as a non-profit organization. The focus is to support, develop and expand the Arts. The goal is to foster freedom in expression of artistic growth and enjoyment within the community of Ewing Township through commitment and dedication.