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The Ewing Arts Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month unless otherwise indicated. (no meeting in August). All meetings start at 7:00 pm at the Hollowbrook Community Center. We are currently meeting only in person.



Meet Kenneth Lewis Sr. Reception TBA

Kenneth J. Lewis, Sr. is a self-instructed artist who began painting on canvas at the unusual age of 47 years. Kenneth has a spiritual relationship and deep sensitivity for what he produces. On New Year’s Day 2008, Kenneth painted his very first piece; he called it “Contemplation”. It was an inner reflective painting. He quickly learned he had a very raw and latent gift that could no longer be held back. Kenneth’s mother’s departure from earth ignited the artist’s flow in him. Kenneth’s mother could draw, yet she never attempted to embrace or further explore her talent. He knew that he had to create, not only for himself, but also for his late mother, and for generations that follow.

Following that time Kenneth has created enormous collections of work. He exhibits at the Art Expo NY and similar art fairs. He was one of the artists featured in Art Expo NY Solo 2016, as well as featured in the Art Expo NY Promotional Video 2016. To date Kenneth has hosted/curated many solo/group shows, free children paint events, live paintings and sculptures. He continues to sell his works across the country.
Since November 18, 2002 Kenneth’s show, Eclectic Expression, has been featured at Ewing Municipal Building. Curated by Ewing Arts Commissions, the show hosts 54 paintings from 7 different series. The Patterns, Basquiat, and Harlem Renaissance Series to name a few. All artwork is for sale. 15% of proceeds will be donated to The Boys and Girls Club of Mercer County.
The work will remain on display until January 14, 2023. You can see more learn more about the artist here.

Virtual Artist Talks

In April of 2021 we hosted our first virtual featured artist event with print-maker and Ewing Native, Amanda Thackray. This past November we hosted our second virtual artist event with Ewing sculptor, Jim Hendricks. The third of the installment of the series with folk and silhouette artist, Beverly Keese-Kelley was broadcast on February 24, 2022. In May of 2022, the EAC hosted The Arc Mercer visual artists & the Central Jersey Performing Arts Academy at the Municipal building. All these talks can be seen on our YouTube channel. Please subscribe to our channel & watch live, or view the video at your convince at a later time.

Student Art Exhibit

We are hopeful for the return of the K-12 Student Art Exhibition in 2023.

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The Ewing Arts Commission is an appointed municipal body constituted as a non-profit organization. The focus is to support, develop and expand the Arts. The goal is to foster freedom in expression of artistic growth and enjoyment within the community of Ewing Township through commitment and dedication.