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The Ewing Arts Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month unless otherwise indicated. (no meeting in August). All meetings start at 7:00 pm at the Hollowbrook Community Center. We are currently meeting only in person.



Meet Brian Hearns

Opening Reception 6pm • May 11, 2023 • Ewing Municipal building

Self described creator of Abstract Art, Stone Sculptures and Jewelry Maker, this is Brian Hearns. An elementary art teacher and abstract artist. His mission is to change the world by showing the possibilities of love, truth, resolve and hope through his Birds of Virtue. You may know him as Livnsol. His pieces convey thoughts of building the strength of women and women empowerment. His pieces build bridges for positive conversation.

Brian reports, “My existence lies in the root of seeking and exploring the positive options life has to offer. I started with a dream to please everyone that I came into contact with. I quickly realized that the thought of pleasing every person was unreasonable. I then took my artistic vision and created various art mediums with different colors that implored people to take notice. Some call it a jack of all trades. I call it an artistic outlet.” 

Brian spent his younger years in front of the Sunday paper trying to copy different cartoon characters. During his teenage years he explored creating abstract art work. After high school he enrolled at West Chester University to study art, receiving a BFA (Studio Arts Painting and Drawing Concentration). One week later he enrolled at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia to earn his K-12 teaching certification. 

Much of his early adult years were spent honing my artistic freedoms and working for a granite and marble company that taught him to be humble and respect people and humanity. Brian has said that, “The beauty of nature has encompassed my soul and has asked it to give back. I create to influence change. Believing in myself has allowed me to communicate with the world. It is about giving back and allowing the people to have a piece of my soul. I can give my soul over and over again with no repercussions other than the expression of art.” He began his teaching career at 35, it was his dream job.“I love showing, guiding and influencing the younger generation to grow, inside and out. Through teaching is where Livnsol was born. I wanted to create a brand that related to every positive aspect of a person’s life. Love, Kindness and Respect are the roots of what and why I do what I do. We can all learn and grow from one another. Our responsibility is to be kind. The community I grew up in and love so much (Ewing) is the community I am growing in Downingtown. Being an educator for 16 years has given me the opportunity to change lives. The abstract art work that I create is a manifestation of the opportunities that were shown to me through communication, hard work and dedication to my craft. It is a direct link to who I am as a human being.”

About Ewing’s Featured Artist Program

The Ewing Arts Commission and the Art Has No Boundaries organization partnered to showcase Ewing Township artists at Ewing Town Hall in 2016. Establishing a monthly display of local art work, the art installation features two to three dimensional art on the second floor of the Municipal building.   Participating artists are affiliated with the Ewing Arts Commission, a municipal body that seeks to promote the arts in our community, and the Art Has No Boundaries organization, a group that provides art programming at the Ewing Senior Community Center.  
Local artists interested in having their art showcased at Town Hall should contact the Ewing Arts Commission at

Virtual Artist Talks

In April of 2021 we hosted our first virtual featured artist event with print-maker and Ewing Native, Amanda Thackray. This past November we hosted our second virtual artist event with Ewing sculptor, Jim Hendricks. The third of the installment of the series with folk and silhouette artist, Beverly Keese-Kelley was broadcast on February 24, 2022. In May of 2022, the EAC hosted The Arc Mercer visual artists & the Central Jersey Performing Arts Academy at the Municipal building. All these talks can be seen on our YouTube channel. Please subscribe to our channel & watch live, or view the videos at your convince at a later time.

Student Art Exhibit

We are hopeful for the return of the K-12 Student Art Exhibition in 2023.

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The Ewing Arts Commission is an appointed municipal body constituted as a non-profit organization. The focus is to support, develop and expand the Arts. The goal is to foster freedom in expression of artistic growth and enjoyment within the community of Ewing Township through commitment and dedication.